11 jan. 2018

Manure: the green engine

Lecture by Ruud Tijssens, Director Public & Cooperative Affairs, Royal Agrifirm Group.

The oneliner ‘Never waste a good crisis’ holds true, when it comes to manure. That’s the opinion of Ruud Tijssens, who is strongly involved in the CSR policy of Royal Agrifirm Group.

Disposing of manure is still a cost factor for livestock farmers in the Netherlands. As many think, reducing the number of animals could be part of the solution. But what if farmers can also capitalise on the remaining manure? By regaining nutrients and retaining them in the soil. By closing regional cycles and by exporting manure-products to regions with a strong need for organic material? Ruud outlines his vision which is based on the essentials of the circular agricultural economy.

Agrifirm is a multinational cooperative, with a membership of 17 thousand Dutch growers and farmers. Many of these entrepreneurs face the fact that their tiny and densely populated country the Netherlands must deal with a 25% manure surplus. In his presentation, Ruud will demonstrate that this problem yields an opportunity.


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