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Get ready to find your ideal job…
You have almost completed your education or you are looking for your next contract. You could use a career coach, but can not afford the fees for individual coaching sessions. In the Work Search Café you will receive advice from professional career coaches for 25 Euros. After taking part in the Work Search Café you will be clear about your qualities, your dream job and how to make that a reality.

How does the Work Search Café work?
You will be asked clear questions that stimulate you to think about your career. You will participate in small group discussions, let in part by the career coaches, about topics such as:
• What am I good at?
• What have I achieved with pleasure and excellence?
• What do I still want to achieve?
• What can I do to make this happen?
• Elevator pitch practice
• Work search tips

The two career coaches pose pointed questions and support you to find your own answers. The relaxed setting and the new insights and tips from the career coaches and other participants will help you discover your sources of inspiration, talents and dreams. This way you will find work more quickly.

Please refer to the calendar for the dates and registration details.

The KLV International Career Café runs from 19:30 to 22:15 h at Impulse @ Wageningen Campus. Cost: €25 for KLV members, €40 for non-members (incl. drinks and snacks).

Note: When registering for the café you are obliged to pay the fee for taking part in advance. This can only be refunded for cancellations made no less than 2 working days beforehand (before 12:00).

The Career Cafés are facilitated by two experienced career coaches.
Geraldine Sinnema (1966) studied Laboursociology and Communication  at Wageningen University. She has been coaching academic careers since 1994. For the first 10 years  through the Career Centre for Wageningen University, and since 2004 through her own business, Een Wereld van Verschil (A World of Difference). She provides career coaching, training, workshops and individual coaching. Her coaching quickly addresses the core issues and results in creative and tailored solutions.

Gonja Hikspoors (1963) studied Business and Consumer Science at Wageningen University following which she worked for 13 years in marketing and communication. Five years ago she started her own business, “Ikken” where she coaches professionals to improve performance and to find work that fits them. She is stimulating and tackles obstacles head-on.


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